The use of mobile phones has diversified over the years. We use our phones to take videos and photos, play music, browse the internet, do shopping, watch movies, keep our documents handy, store receipts– the list goes on. With more work than ever performed on this single device, we require lots of storage space. Many of us use multiple cloud storage solutions on our Android devices to keep things going. However, managing files stored on different cloud storage services can be a real challenge.

Cloud Management Apps for Android Phones

Cloud management apps are here to make the process a little less complicated for you. These applications let you manage cloud storage from one space. Here, we list the 3 best cloud management apps that work on Android devices. 


If you are looking for an app that enables you to manage cloud storage as well as allowing you to collaborate, Otixo is your answer. You can integrate 29 cloud storage services with this remote collaboration app. Besides cloud storage management, it offers a real-time communication tool to help you collaborate with your team.  

After setting up your account, you can start connecting the cloud accounts to this app. You can then preview the files saved on those accounts. Otixo also supports WebDAV previewing. You can move files from one account to another by using its simple drag and drop feature. With a free account, you can connect up to 10 cloud accounts. 

The only downside about this app is it doesn’t support two-step authentication. So, you may find using this app a little less secure.


ZeroPC is yet another great app for comprehensive cloud management. The app supports a wide range of cloud services. It also works with social media and image hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket, and others. 

ZeroPC offers efficient organization of your files stored across different cloud solutions. It categorizes the files under documents, music, photos, and videos so you can easily find a file. It also lets you create a “collection” folder to store the files you often need to access. With a premium account, you can manage multiple accounts of the same cloud service; however, it is not possible while using a free account.


This app allows you to search, manage, and backup all your web-based files in one platform on your Android device. PrimaDesk works with various popular and less-known cloud storage services. Like ZeroPC, this app also lets you integrate your Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, Picasa, and other web-based services. With the free version, you can connect up to ten accounts.

PrimaDesk lets you access all your content and internet services by signing in with only one username and password. It offers a multi-layered security system to ensure the safety of your data and passwords. This app also allows you to edit your documents and photos without logging in to separate accounts. Streaming of music and video is also possible with the app. 

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