Do you use cloud storage, but are not really sure whether it’s the best way to store your precious digital files? Are you considering buying cloud storage, but still have your concerns? It’s natural to have doubts, especially about something that we cannot see or feel. There are several common misconceptions about cloud storage and its usage. Let’s talk about three of the most common myths about cloud storage and debunk them.

Myths About Cloud Storages

Myth 1: Someone can get access to my data

We feel safer when we get to keep our possessions close at hand. This is why we often believe that data stored on our personal device or hard disk are more secure. This is not true. Any quality cloud storage services will provide you greater security than you can afford for your personal laptop or mobile device.

The companies providing cloud storage are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience; they know how to keep your data safe. They implement robust security measures and would never compromise your privacy.

Blomp provides you 100% secure cloud storage for free. It doesn’t share, sell, or analyze your data.

Myth 2: Only big companies need a cloud storage

There’s a common belief that only the big companies with lots of data files need to have cloud storage. The fact is, in today’s data storage environment, all of us should use cloud storage for greater efficacy, convenience, and flexibility.

Cloud storages are great for personal use to keep your photographs, videos, and other personal documents safe. By using cloud storage, you can ensure that you won’t lose any of your valuable files. You also have the option to access and download your files from anywhere.

Myth 3: Cloud storages are expensive

You might have heard that maintaining cloud storage is costly. The truth is you have plenty of options to have free cloud storage with a limited data storage facility. Often, the allowed amount of data is more than sufficient for your personal use. You can use them for at least a couple of years (or even more) without bothering about buying extra storage space. Even if you exhaust your storage space, you will have to pay a nominal rate for more storage. So, effectively you pay much less than a hardware solution such as hard disk.

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