Upwork estimates that 36.2 million Americans will join the remote workforce by 2025. That means nearly 26% of the American workforce will be working from home. The trend of remote work was on the rise even before the pandemic, and the crisis gave it a boost. It is no more a temporary arrangement but a permanent solution. However, many companies have yet to migrate their entire system to the cloud, which requires time and resource investment. Meanwhile, a third-party cloud storage service is the best friend of a remote worker. Here are 5 benefits of using cloud storage for remote workers.

Easy Accessibility

One of the key advantages of working from home is that you are not tied to a geographical location. Digital nomads travel all the time while fulfilling their professional obligations. It becomes easier for them to access the files when stored on cloud storage. They do not need to reach their laptops to complete a minor task; instead, it can be done from tablets or phones. They can also work on the go without even opening the computer.

Simple data recovery 

Remote work comes with greater responsibility. The employee is responsible for all the current as well as previous files and data. When you store your work files on the company’s server, the IT team takes care of them. If a file corrupts, you can approach them for recovery. However, it is not an option for remote workers, especially if you are located in a different geographical location. A hard drive malfunction can cost you hundreds of hours of work. Besides, you are answerable to your employee or client for something you have no control over. You can minimize this risk by backing up your work files in one or more cloud storage platforms.

Improved collaboration 

Collaboration is the key to a successful project. Cloud technology lets you collaborate in real-time and helps all the team members to remain on the same page. Besides, you do not need to create multiple versions of the same file. So, you minimize the confusion.

Many cloud storage services come with excellent collaborative tools. It informs all the concerned persons in real-time. They let you tag people who need to take a look at the issue. 

Enhanced Security

Security is another key concern for remote workers. Office networks and servers are usually protected with robust security systems. The IT experts keep a close eye on its activities and intervene immediately if an issue arises. In your home office, you do not have that luxury. You have to take care of your own system’s security. You may get a paid anti-malware tool. However, that can never match the security offered by an enterprise-level security system. Your home computer is still more vulnerable than your office’s system. But you are still dealing with all those critical and sometimes even sensitive data and files. You can mitigate this threat by choosing reputable cloud storage. The cloud service providers employ a robust security system to protect all the files stored on their servers. They also have expert teams who monitor the servers and take necessary measures. Your work files are thus much safer on cloud storage than on your personal computer or laptop. 

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