Cloud technology has taken over the entire world.  The cloud is being used by many large organizations around the world to handle, manage and store data that is secure and accessible to everyone at all times. However, many people still refrain from using cloud storage because they may believe some misconceptions that float around the internet. Let’s clear them up for you.

misconceptions about cloud storage

1. Not that secure

The truth is, cloud storage might be more secure than your external storage devices. Cloud storage companies are always working on improving their security measures. Mostly, cloud vendors hire security experts that ensure data is end to end encrypted, and in safe hands using multiple security measures and procedures.

2. The data on cloud storage is public

Well, there are two different cases when it comes to data being public. If you are using cloud storage for yourself to store your pictures, data files, etc., those will only be accessible to you under your account.  If you’re working in an organization, then their enterprise cloud servers  would be accessible to the employees working there. It is just a myth that your data would be accessible to anyone in the entire world!

3. Very Expensive

Cloud servers like Blomp are very inexpensive and could even be free if you choose the smaller plans.  It is inexpensive because a cloud service does not require any external devices to be bought or connected. From security to cooling, maintenance, and power, all is taken care of. All you are required to do is pay your monthly or yearly subscription to keep using your cloud server. This saves a lot of costs; especially if you’re someone who owns a company or organization.

4. Limited storage only

It is highly flexible. Cloud storage companies offer multiple plans, each with a set of different services accordingly. You can choose whichever fits your needs allowing you to pay only for what you’re using. If you run out of storage, you can upgrade your plan with a larger capacity at an affordable rate!

5. Requires too much maintenance

Once you have paid for your cloud storage, everything is taken care of by your cloud vendors. They ensure security, maintenance, power, data setup, and all other things. As the user, all you have to do is organize and store your data just as you would on your external storage devices.

Now that you know all about the misconceptions about cloud storage, head over to Blomp and view the best and most affordable packages!