As people are adopting the latest techniques of data storage, the efficiency of old devices such as USB drives for data storage has become questionable.

The USB flash drive revenue is already predicted to decrease in the coming years. However, some might stick to the opinion that ‘Old is Gold’.

But if old is gold, new is platinum.

USB drives

Here are 5 reasons why using USB drives is making your data storage techniques inefficient.

Limited Shelf Life

Though many of you might not know it, all USB drives come with a shelf life. They can help you store your data for a specific period of time.

After that period, these USBs will start showing malfunctions and might corrupt your data. Consequently, you can lose your important data.

Fixed Storage

Each USB drive has fixed storage. You are bound within it, as you cannot increase it by paying extra charges.

The only way to increase the storage of USB drives is to buy a new USB. Otherwise, you have to restrain yourself to specific storage.

Data Can’t Be Retrieved

Once you delete a file from your USB that isn’t saved anywhere else, it is lost forever. You cannot retrieve data, as a USB drive doesn’t come with backup options.

It can cause serious issues if you hit the delete button unintentionally. Because, no matter how important your data is, it won’t be retrieved.

Prone to Mislay

USB flash drives are easy to carry because of their small size. It is one of their most acclaimed benefits.

However, it can also have repercussions. Due to its small size, USBs can be lost easily. Once you lose your USB, all your data is gone forever.

Security Issues

Security is usually the major concern when people are looking for data storage options.

USB flash drives are prone to many serious security issues. If it gets into the hands of an unreliable person, your data can be misused.

Though there are some ways to lock your USBs with passwords, overtaking them is a cinch for hackers.

Blomp: The Ultimate Solution for All Your Data Storage Needs

The above-mentioned reasons must have led you to believe USB drives are not an efficient option for data storage.

Now, you might go on the hunt for a credible and efficient data storage evolution.

Well! The only right choice is cloud storage. Platforms like Blomp offer free cloud storage where you can effortlessly store your data.