Cloud storage has enabled clients to share and access records distantly without admittance to their neighborhood stockpiling frameworks. While this has opened up numerous entryways for video groups there are a few contemplations that should be made prior to executing distributed storage into your video work process.
Here’s a list of some major advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage.


1. Cost

Buying physical storage can be costly. Without the requirement for equipment distributed storage is especially less expensive per GB than utilizing outer drives.

2. Accessibility

Cloud Storage enables you to access your files wherever you are as long as you have an active internet connection.

3. Recovery

In case you loose data to a hard drive, a software issue, or a physical incident, you can count on Cloud Storage for your backup. Cloud Storage platforms have several backups and the data centers are located at safe locations.

4. Updating and Syncing

Updating your data or making any edits from anywhere will update all your files and sync across all devices that have your cloud access.

5. Security

Cloud storage suppliers add extra layers of safety to their administrations. Since there are numerous individuals with records put away on the cloud, these suppliers go to added lengths to ensure your documents don’t get seen by somebody who shouldn’t have access to them.


1. Internet Connectivity

Cloud storage is reliant on an internet connection. In the event that you have a slow network, you will have issues accessing your cloud data. Without an internet connection, you won’t be able to access your cloud data at all.

2. Costs

There are charges for using a cloud service. You will be paying for the amount of data you will download and upload. Different platforms like Blomp have various packages from which you can choose the one that suits you best and fits your budget.  Blomp also offers a free service at its basic level.

3. Hard Drives

Although a very limited amount, some cloud providers might require the use of a hard drive.


Consider different cloud storage providers when you’ve decided you need to use cloud storage services. Platforms like Blomp can offer you custom packages based on your specific needs.