When choosing cloud storage programs, businesses should be mindful that it isn’t only about storing data.

Your cloud storage server also plays a significant role in integrating different cloud-based systems.

Credible platforms like Blomp use high-tech methods such as closed-loop integration for enhanced user experience.

What is Closed-Loop Integration?

Closed-loop integration is a method of creating and generating APIs in which your business data is used for managing future integrations and optimizing the existing ones. API (Application Programming Interface) is the protocol built for integrating two platforms.

 Here is an example to understand the concept of API. You are heading from your home (one cloud-based program) to the store (another cloud-based program) at the end of the street. The route connecting your house to that store is API.

 Closed-loop integration is an advanced program that uses the old data of your business to generate new APIs (routes) for integration. For example, if you shift your house to some other point (a new cloud-based program) in that street, you won’t use a new route (new API) to get to the store. You can use the same path (old API) but from a different direction (by modifying it.)

Why Is It Useful?

● Efficient Integration

With an interactive closed-loop integration, you can manipulate the already existing APIs. So, you don’t have to generate new AIPs for each integration from scratch. Consequently, it will save you time and effort.

● Effortless Process

Also, there is no need for technically proficient people to build new APIs. APIs can be easily generated by modifying the older APIs.

● Enhanced Operational Visibility

The visibility of the integration system increases through a closed-loop approach. It helps your business to get a better insight into the connectivity paths of your applications and software. The simpler your integration system, the more effortless your work becomes.

● Increased Security

The strength of closed-loop APIs is increased. As they are generated from already existing APIs, each aspect of their security is checked several times.

Bottom Line

As the business platforms are digitized, new techniques are introduced to make their maintenance effortless and secure. Closed-loop integration is one such technique.

 For a hassle-free business experience, try integrating your software and programs through the closed-loop method.