In the previous blogs, Blomp has talked about cloud storage, cloud security, cloud myths and so on. Blomp has explained each and every one of your questions in details to help you understand more about the cloud storage and what it can do. However, what about cloud encryption? What does it mean? What is it used for? Is it necessary? If you are wondering about these questions and want to get the answers, keep reading today’s blog.

Cloud Encryption

When you want to put your information in the cloud, there is a transferring process that takes place. Before your data reaches the cloud, it is transformed from its original format to an unreadable secured format. That is what cloud encryption is. It has many benefits, which is why many organizations use cloud storage nowadays. One of the most important things you need to take notice of is if your information will stay protected while in the cloud. Make sure the cloud storage provider you choose has cloud encryption systems.

Since cloud storage can be accessed through anywhere if you have internet and the right to log in, cloud storage takes the extra cautionary steps for you in order to protect your files. What can cloud encryption do?

  • It can encode your data that is traveling in and out of the cloud storage and cloud-based applications.
  • Prevents the outside users from interfering with the traveling data in order to keep the information separate and protected.
  • Turns the transferred data into undecipherable data that basically means it becomes completely useless without the encryption keys.

As you can see, cloud encryption is a very effective way to keep your data protected. What’s amazing about data encryption is that even if your files and folders get lost, hacked, or shared without your consent, they are unreadable without the necessary key. This is one of the ways you can keep your mind at ease in the cybersecurity field.

Cloud Encryption

What benefits does cloud encryption provide?

One of the most known benefits cloud encryptions provides is protection. The main purpose behind it is so that no one other than you or the people you want can have access to your information. So let’s go into the details, one by one, of what benefits cloud encryption can provide for you!

1- End-to-end protection of data transferring in and out of the cloud.

2- Protection from outside threats, such as viruses, hackers and so on.

3- Reduce risk of data breaching.

4- Preventing outsiders from altering information, thereby maintaining integrity.

5- Customer satisfaction through customer control.

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