Cloud storage is a fundamental part of life for many businesses these days. It plays a significant role in people’s personal lives as well. From storing your photo collection to enabling remote working from anywhere on Earth, cloud storage is changing the way we work, live, and communicate.

But hang on, are we being too limited in our thinking here? We’re all aware of cloud storage’s impact on Earth, but what about off Earth?

Did you know that cloud storage is playing a huge role in the modern-day space race?

NASA, the Mars Rover, and the Cloud Storage

This week, NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover landed on Mars and started sending back data to Earth. There is an immense amount of information to process coming back to NASA’s HQ every day from images and video to sound and more technical scientific and engineering data. The Mars Rover team is receiving hundreds of images alone every day.

Without cloud storage, this level of data would be a nightmare to store, process, and distribute. But part of the reason that this mission to Mars is so exciting is that with it, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab can handle this with ease.

And this isn’t just about storing information for future study, either. The capabilities and opportunities offered by NASA’s cloud storage solutions mean that they can make far more informed decisions and calculations about how the Rover moves and how it handles the terrain in front of it.

It makes understanding what the Rover is seeing far easier. In addition, it means that NASA scientists can do more with it in a shorter space of time. This makes Perseverance the most efficient Mars Rover yet. In addition, it is playing a significant role in its ambitious goal of collecting record-breaking numbers of samples and traveling further than any Rover before.

It is obviously not the only contributing technology. However, imagine if the cloud-managed to be part of the answer to whether there has ever been life on Mars!

The cloud and you

Now, we’re not suggesting that it is going to take everyone to Mars. But if it works for NASA, then why wouldn’t it work for you too? Powerful cloud storage solutions like Blomp have immense potential and can have an enormous impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, cloud storage is the future, and maybe, just maybe, it might help you take the first step towards reaching for the stars.

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