You must’ve heard the phrase, end-to-end encryption. But have you ever jumped into its meaning?

This word is the ultimate lead to the security of your cloud storage data. However, many cloud storage providers aren’t ready to talk about it. So, you have to find platforms like Blomp that are concerned with the privacy of your data.

The first step of making your cloud data secure is to be aware of the probable threats. And the absence of end-to-end encryption is one of them. Let us look at what end-to-end encryption is, why some servers don’t offer, and where to look for it.

What is end-to-end encryption?

It is a method of secure transmission of your data from one device/system to another device/system by obstructing the interference of any third party.

When your data passes through a program or cloud storage on your device to the other, it has to pass through the third-party server. End-to-end encryption ensures that nobody except the destination device can intercept your information.

Imagine your data is a gold tiara that you want to send to your mom’s house for safekeeping. You call a postmate and give them the tiara in a locked box (you encrypt your data). Only you or your mom have the key to unlock the box (decrypt the data).

This way, you can make sure that no one else can see what is inside the box. That is what end-to-end encryption is all about.

Why do some cloud storage servers don’t offer end-to-end encryption?

You might be thinking, if we pay cloud storage servers, why don’t they promise security. They do, but on the bare minimum level. The subscription that you opt for is a small fraction of their revenue.

They generate a sizable portion of their revenue by selling your private information for personalized advertisements. The ads that pop up on your web or phone are customized based on your data.

It might be acceptable for most of you. However, the disagreement is the lack of transparency. These cloud servers don’t communicate their privacy policy explicitly with their subscribers. They state their security is exceptional when it isn’t.

How to find a reliable cloud storage server?

The key to finding a reliable cloud storage service is your comprehension of the technical aspects of the program. Now that you know about end-to-end encryption, you have to look for it to find a reliable server.

If a cloud storage server states that it has end-to-end encryption in its privacy policy, the platform is genuine.

However, if the privacy policy is all about how important the security of your data is and nothing is clearly stated, you have to rethink your choice.