Cloud computing is one of those fields that is most affected by the latest advancements in the technology. You have to keep track of the evolution of cloud computing if you want to surpass your competitors. Here is how the cloud is evolving lately.

1.  Citizen Developer Is Introduced

Citizen Developer is a concept that makes it easier to code with the help of connected systems for people with no experience in computer science. With so many technologies being introduced, complex apps are becoming mainstream. To keep up with the changing trends, the Citizen Developer can make your life easier with the drag-and-drop interface.

Microsoft Power platform is one example of such a connected system. Other cloud computing giants are also working on this concept.

2.  Increasing Potential for Automation

There is a lot of potential for automation, and currently, the cloud market is not making full use of this potential. However, we are witnessing the increasing use of automation as users become more aware of its benefits.

Though automation is a difficult task, it can help reduce risks and improve efficiency if done right. As the concept of Citizen Developer is becoming mainstream, the idea of making automation easier for users is also floating around in the market. And we can expect the cloud vendors to release automation-related apps. 

3.  AWS Losing Share

Amazon Web Service is losing its share in the market. According to the Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud report, AWS has been surpassed by Azure. Though there was a prediction that the users of AWS would exponentially increase along with its market share, the trend is going downward.

AWS is still one of the cloud computing giants, and losing the top spot doesn’t mean it’s out of the game. However, its popularity will decrease over time if it doesn’t address the users’ concerns.

4.  Public Cloud Becoming Mainstream

The use of the public cloud has been becoming more mainstream lately. In the past, the major usage of public clouds was along with private clouds in the form of hybrid clouds. Besides, another significant portion of users preferred multiple public clouds.

However, as the market is evolving, the use of a single public cloud is increasing. Because of lower costs, no need for maintenance, scalability, and reliability, users are trusting the public cloud more.

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