You may be familiar with cloud storage, however for many others this might be a new idea no matter how popular it has gotten over the past few years. Many people do not know what it is, how it works and what benefits it provides. So today, we are going to go over some frequently asked questions about cloud storage

Cloud Storage

1. What is it?

One of the most common questions asked by people getting to know this concept is, “So, what is cloud storage exactly?” You have every right to ask this question because how are you going to use it if you don’t know what it is? Cloud storage is a back up service for your images, files, videos, documents and so on. It is tied to the internet so that you access it from wherever you want. Instead of storing your data in a hard drive or on your computer where you can lose it in seconds, cloud storage stores them on a secure system.

Cloud Storage

2. Why should I use it?

The benefits are many, so let me tell you some of them. Let’s start with the most obvious, Data security. No matter how safe and careful you are, you can still lose your data. Either it being from theft, natural disaster, clumsiness, or device crash, your data is never completely safe except when it is in a highly secure cloud storage. Another advantage of cloud storage is easy accessibility. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet, you can access your data. Last but not least, using cloud storage is a great way to back up your data. Just in case you lose it, you can always get it back thanks to cloud storage.

Cloud Storage

3. Is it safe?

Yes and no, depending on what you mean by safe. Safely protected from fires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes? Yes! Safe from cyber attacks and hackers? Not so much. As long as your data is connected to the internet, your information can never be fully safe. So, it is advisable not to store highly crucial information such as medical information, tax records, credit card information, and so on… Some cloud storages are considered more secure than others due to high built-in tools, 24/7 monitoring and security devices. When choosing a cloud storage, do not be afraid to ask them their security policies in case of data breach.

4. Is it cost effective?

Yes, and yes! With cloud storage, a company doesn’t have to worry about handling the data. It reduces expense and many businesses know this, which is why they turn to it. On that note, it is important to know that choosing a good quality cloud storage is essential. The uptime it provides plays an important role in a company’s finance, because a second of downtime equals to a great loss.

5. Why is it called a cloud?

Believe it or not, the name for cloud computing was set in the 1960s. In the early days the cloud symbol was represented and used as a metaphor for the internet. This might not be the most interesting fact you have ever heard, but now when someone tells you “All my data is in the cloud”, you’ll know what it means.  

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