In today’s age, most of our memories are stored digitally. (hopefully with a backup). Most of our documents are in the form of PDFs and files. And most of our correspondence is through messaging and email. If you are anything like me, you use one cellphone to do all this. Or maybe use one computer to do your work.

Now imagine if you have all this very important (and sometimes sensitive or private) information stored just on your device. And then… something happens to it. It can fall from your hand and disintegrate like Voldemort. Or, it can get sorted out through a power failure. Or worse of all, it can be stolen by some crook looking to make a quick buck.

Isn’t that just an awful idea? Losing all those wonderful memories, the documents that you worked so hard to create or personal information that can be very damaging in the wrong hands. That sort of thing causes me to have sleepless nights. The best way to ensure the safety of your data in this digital age is to create backups.  Here are two easy ideas to set your mind at ease.

Create a backup on an external hard drive

If you want to keep your data safe but close, you can easily use an external hard drive to backup. You need to transfer the data to your backup device every few days so it is up to date. So, It is a very effective method. However, it can only be used when you have access to the hard drive and a computer.

Use an online cloud storage platform

Another convenient method of backing up your data is to upload it to a cloud storage platform like Blomp. Many services are free or offer huge amounts of storage space at dirt cheap rates. Once backed up, your data is safe from theft.  It is also saved from getting lost as can happen to an external hard drives.  It can be easily be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. It’s that convenient!