Cloud Technology is completely changing the way we store our digital files. Instead of saving them to a piece of hardware, we can save them to the cloud and access them anywhere. Blomp is an affordable cloud storage app that you can download for your computer or mobile device.

This new technology is very convenient, but do you know exactly how it works? Let’s take a look at the cloud and how it keeps all your files safe yet accessible.

Connecting Data Centers via The Internet

When you add a piece of data to cloud storage, it may seem like it just disappears into the ether – but that’s not exactly true. Instead of storing your data directly on your hard drive, the cloud app connects to large secure data centers. These data centers have the capacity to store a huge amount of information.

The cloud provider maintains these services, keeping them running smoothly and securely. Typically there is one large server, which is used to maintain all the smaller servers. Since the servers are compartmentalized, they keep your data safe and secure from other users. When you need to access your data, you’ll use your internet connection to reach the server and access the information.

Cloud Technology

Server Virtualization

Since cloud servers need to be able to hold a huge amount of information, they are programmed to maximize storage space. They do this through a process called virtualization. Virtualization essentially creates multiple servers within a server, which dramatically increases their storage potential.

Providers Maintain the Servers

One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud provider is that you don’t have to maintain your own servers. Instead, the cloud provider maintains the servers for you. For small companies, maintaining your own servers can be expensive and time consuming.

Since cloud providers typically have a very large amount of servers, they often store them in warehouses. Some of the world’s largest cloud providers have multiple data centers around the world to keep up with demand. They have staff on-site to keep the servers physically safe, making sure they don’t overheat or have any other problems that could cause them to shut down. They also keep the servers safe from security threats.

Cloud technology is incredibly innovative and has completely changed the way we work online. With cloud storage, you can access any of the files you need on the go from any device, knowing that they’re stored securely in a data center. Blomp offers free cloud storage for many devices, which is perfect for both work and entertainment.