A decade ago, cloud storage was a strange term to most people. Hearing the expression for the first time, some thought it was a storage system hanging in the literal clouds. Fortunately, that’s not how cloud storage works. Cloud storage gives you access to your data from anywhere in the world. A basic form of that is your email storage. Naturally, one would expect that level of ease and efficiency to cost a fortune.
It doesn’t!
You can get a substantial amount of free cloud storage.

Eight out of ten cloud storage providers offer their users up to 15GB of free storage space upon opening an account with them.

15GB might be a scratch on the surface for most businesses since they operate heavy data files, but it’s probably more than enough for some individual users.

What prompted cloud storage companies to start an unending storage charity spree?


Advertising is probably the oldest and yet the most efficient marketing strategy since the dawn of trade. However, advertising doesn’t explicitly imply the traditional means of showcasing your products to prospective buyers in this scenario.

Cloud storage providers sometimes offer free storage as bait, so when users take that bait, they become the targeted audience for other product ads.

How does that work?

Cloud storage is the next best thing. It’s almost like the internet, a service that we can’t help but use every day.

Once you become a user, your details are filled into your providers’ database, making you an automatic subscriber to ads from your provider.

Free Cloud Storage


Interestingly, there’s always a bit of psychology in commerce. Cloud storage providers understand this. That is why they offer free storage not only to attract new subscribers, but also to make them dependent on their products.

We know cloud storage is the future. It’s easy to use, safe and fast. Imagine getting all of that for free.

Many cloud storage companies are gearing up to maximize the prospective boom of cloud storage.

The tactic is quite simple:

● Provide users with free storage.

● Work on upgrades and solutions till the service becomes an integral part of the users’ lives.

● Be available when they return for more after exhausting the free storage.

Impressive marketing strategy, right?

At blomp, we offer our new subscribers up to 20GB of free cloud storage.

What’s the motive behind blomp’s free storage offer?

We give out free storage to help you get started and know what to expect from our paid plans. Consider it as a fully functional demo.

Our goal is to replicate your satisfaction when you come back for more. And for the record, Blomp doesn’t sell any of their client’s information so you don’t have to worry about pesky ads or any marketing after you sign up.