Whether you run an enterprise-level company or an SME, write a blog, or just need somewhere to store your vacation photos, you use cloud storage. One of the greatest innovations of the last few years, cloud storage has revolutionized the way we work, collaborate, and keep our digital possessions safe.

Signing up for a plan is an easy decision to make, but how do you know how much storage you actually need? Most cloud storage providers, like Blomp, offer a range of packages to suit everyone, from free plans to weighty packages with terabytes of storage. Choosing the right cloud storage option is important, so here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you pick the plan that is right for you.

Cloud Storage

How much storage do you currently have?

A pretty simple starting point, but if you are migrating files from your current physical storage solution, whether an external hard drive or your organizational servers, you need to have enough space in the cloud to fit it all! If you are just looking to move word documents and a few photos from your computer’s memory, this is as simple as checking how much space you currently use, but for large organizations, the process might be a little more time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is a vital first step in your cloud storage decision!

What does the future hold?

Of course, you don’t want to get just enough storage for what you have right now. For everyone from private individuals to wildly successful enterprise-level companies, future growth is important, and your cloud storage needs to reflect that. Without enough space, you won’t be able to grow in the future, and things will get frustrating surprisingly quickly. Pick your cloud storage plan based on what your world is likely to look like in the future, not just how it looks right now, and your experience will be that much smoother.

What sort of things do you need to store?

The amount of storage you need does depend on what exactly you want to store. If you are storing video and images, for example, many providers provide storage for videos and photos for free, so you might not need as much as you think!

Of course, one of the best things about cloud storage is its flexibility. Unlike traditional hard drives, if you run out of space you can always just upgrade your package! To find out more about the great plans offered, check out Blomp and start your cloud adventure today.