How Much Cloud Storage Do You Need?

Before reading our blog, how much cloud storage do you need?

The advent of cloud storage means that we no longer have to carry around flash drives to access our files. You can use the cloud to store everything from your favorite movie downloads to work documents. Blomp offers four different cloud storage plans at different price points – but which one is right for you?i

Word Documents and PDFs

If you’re mostly using Blomp for work and are storing Word documents and PDFs, you may not need much storage. Blomp offers free cloud storage of up to 200 GB, which will likely be enough to store these files, which typically don’t take up much space. If you accumulate more than 200 GB worth of documents, it’s easy to upgrade to the 250 GB plan for $0.99 per month.


If you’re a photographer, cloud storage is a great place to keep your photos safe. The type of plan you need will depend on how many photos you take and the overall quality of the photos. High-quality images can take up a lot of space, so you may need the 250 GB or even the 2 TB plan to make sure you have enough room. However, if you’re an amateur photographer just looking to save memories from your smartphone, the free plan will likely be enough room.

Movies and Videos

Cloud storage is also a great place to save movies and other videos you have downloaded. Storing these items in the cloud saves space on your device and allows you to watch them on the go, which is perfect for traveling. Since these files do take up a lot of space, you may need the 2 TB or even 10 TB plan to make sure you have enough room.

If you have a mix of files you’d like to store in the cloud, the easiest way to determine how much storage you need is to add up the size of each file, and then make sure you have some extra room to keep adding more. Cloud storage is also very easy to upgrade, so you can increase the amount of space on your plan if you need more room.

The cloud has completely changed the way we store our photos. Blomp offers affordable and flexible plans to meet all of your storage needs.