cloud storage

Are you paying for more cloud storage than you’re actually using? Or maybe you’re constantly having to delete files in order to fit the plan you have? Sometimes, it’s hard to know how much cloud storage is needed for your busy life. Never fear—Blomp is here to help!

1. A Small Amount

Are you a college student paying for several gigs of space when you’re only submitting papers? Even if you have thousands of word documents (looking at you, seniors!) they only take up a very small fraction of space in the cloud. Or maybe you’re a parent uploading pictures of their kids every day—even still, the cloud has plenty of room, so no need to pay for a large plan. Typically, images and short videos are fine for a cloud storage plan under 5GB. But maybe you’re filming constantly waiting for the baby’s first steps every day? Well…

2. A Medium Amount

A plan with over 50GB works for those amateur videographers out there, or maybe those of you who download hours upon hours of Spotify playlists. Most songs are about 10MB, so if you’re blasting Taylor Swift’s ten albums to prep for the Eras tour, you may need some more cloud space. And then of course there’s the concert videos, especially if they’re long. If you’re a fan of music or movies, you may need a decent bit of online space.

3. A Large Amount

Now here’s the big stuff. Are you an avid gamer with hundreds of save files, or a professional photographer or filmmaker with thousands of high-quality projects? Or do you work for a company where all your data is being stored virtually? You will need a lotof space—maybe even 2TB. After all, you never want to worry about not having the room for all your hard work or information for your clients. If your business is online, then you definitely need to utilize online photo and video storage.

4. Any Amount!

Hey, humans are complex! Maybe one day we need a ton of space for wedding photos, and then the next just for the occasional song. What do you do then? Check out Blomp—the best and only site where you can get up to 200 GB of space for photos and videos completely free! And if you need more, plans range from $0.99 a month (250GB) to $9.99 a month (10TB). Sounds manageable, doesn’t it? So no matter what your cloud storage needs are, or if they change from month to month, Blomp can help.