How Can You Maximize Free Cloud Storage Space?

Gone are the days when only businesses were required to have a cloud strategy to manage their digital data. With the growing number of personal digital files, individual users also need to develop a proper cloud management strategy to keep things in order. If we do not plan our cloud strategy now, in the future, either we will lose many of our important digital files, or we will end up paying hundreds of bucks to get more cloud space. Here are a few tips that will help you plan your cloud strategy so that you can avoid both. 

cloud space

Declutter your cloud storage regularly

Decluttering and organizing our personal cloud storage is not something that we consider. When it comes to personal cloud storage, we often tend to dump data with the confidence that we will find out the data no matter what. We keep storing duplicate files, hazy pictures, and documents that have no use in the future. We do not realize that sooner or later, these unnecessary files will exhaust our free cloud storage. Make it a practice to spend a couple of hours every month discarding redundant files and organizing the important files in a folder. 

Use multiple free cloud storage

Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Blomp, and other standard cloud storage providers offer free cloud storage. However, there is a limit to storage space with free plans.

Usually, any decent cloud storage provider offers 15 to 20 GB of free space. If you use four or five such services, you can easily get up to 100GB of cloud space for free. Although, using multiple services can add up to your responsibility. You need to maintain a record of how you are distributing your files in these multiple spaces. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for you to find a file in the future. The best way is to separate personal files from professional documents. You can further categorize them into photos, videos, music, and text document. 

Get cloud storage managers

Once you set up multiple cloud accounts, get a cloud storage manager app that allows you to manage multiple cloud accounts without hassle. You can upload digital files to multiple cloud drives without switching accounts using these apps. You can also migrate files from one drive to another with ease. They also let you select which files you want to sync and how frequently you want to backup data. These apps are designed to make multiple cloud managements simple. Before choosing a service, carefully read the terms and conditions to know the permissions and access you are giving them. Also, select a well-reputed service and does not compromise your online security. 

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