Think the cloud is only available when you’re at home or work? Think again. The cloud is the best way to keep and store your photos, videos, and music all in one place—no lost luggage here! Read on to see how and why you should utilize the cloud and file storage when traveling.

1. Research Your Destination

Though the cloud is available in most locations, the way you access it may differ depending on where you are. This includes your final destination and the methods of getting there. For instance, your nonstop flight may allow you to pay for Wi-Fi (and therefore cloud access) but other rules and restrictions may apply once you land. This is not meant to deter you or say it’s not possible—simply be aware of what you’re getting into. Iceland, for example, has one of the strictest laws for Internet privacy, whereas the US has the Cloud Act (2018) that allows the government to seize data stored abroad if necessary. Once you know how the cloud will be used in your vacation spot, you’re good to go!

2. Keep All Your Files in One Spot

You already have enough to pack when traveling—don’t worry about your internet files, too! Backup your music for the train ride, maps of the city, menus, tickets, and photos all in one spot with cloud storage. You can even use Blomp for free through your favorite apps, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. You won’t even need to pay for a phone service abroad if you have internet access and the cloud, so all your files are easy to store, find, and share with family and friends. And, if you lose your phone amidst all your traveling, you won’t lose all your precious memories.

3. Choose Your Plan Ahead of Time

Let’s face it—you’re always going to take way more pictures than you think. If it’s still only up to 200GB, Blomp’s cloud storage is totally free! But if you’re a videographer or photo-retaker, you may need a larger plan, from $0.99 a month to $9.99 a month for up to 10 TB of storage. Sounds like a good price for the best online storage for videos, right? And it will be much easier to have your cloud set and ready to go when you’re abroad rather than changing your plan once you’re there (though it is possible!), so make sure you are prepared with the cloud as much as you’re prepared for flight delays and tourists.

Ready to plan your trip? Start uploading with Blomp today, keep your File Storage safe, and safe travels!