Humans are so much into gadgets these days and what comes next is storage and data space issues. Dealing with space on your android phone is no big science. Too much data that includes audio, videos, apps, games takes a lot of your device storage.

Running out of storage is everyone’s concern who is using Android devices. So they look for alternative cloud storage. On the other hand, we have listed down some of the best options for the best cloud storage for your consumption for your personal use. But before going to a final decision we should know a little more about them.

So do you have any idea what features everyone should look at before choosing the right cloud storage?  Well, security is the foremost feature that always tops the list of features. Whatever you save personal or professional it needs to categorize between unauthorized users.

After security, we have a lot of other features to focus like link sharing, folder organization that enables us to find files easily from anywhere in the storage. 

Let’s have look at Top 5 of the greatest options for 2022 cloud storage for Android

1- Google Drive

When you think of having a smooth cloud storage experience google drive is the first thing that comes into your mind. it’s tough to beat Google Drive, one of the most popular best cloud storage options available. Anybody with a free account has access to 15GB of Google Drive storage. space and unlimited photo backup through Google Photos, as long as you’re okay with your photos being reduced to 16MP.

2. is famous for good reason, offers some of the best storage plans available, as low as $5 for 1TB for the Standard business plan, and has a free 5GB plan that you can test out.


Known as one of the most famous file-sharing sites. However, it’s gone through some changes and is now a cloud storage service that focuses on security, and it executes some unique features.

4- IceDrive

launched in 2019, with some interesting security features, which is just as well, seeing as how it has branded itself as an ultra-secure cloud storage service. Have one look at the website’s explanation of Icedrive’s encryption and you can tell they mean business.

5- Microsoft Onedrive

An instant reply to cloud storage questions, Microsoft one drive with its 5th place in the list.  its paid plans are bundled with Office 365. Like Google Drive, you can automatically backup your photos, though each photo counts against your storage.

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