Teachers New Role with Online Cloud Platforms

The education industry is changing because of free cloud-sharing platforms – fast. And it’s been predicted since the 1960s. Back then, books about a new technology called the Internet – a wireless connection between computers allowing them to share data – spread across the globe. People were fascinated about the prospects it could bring. Like blockchain, what started as a solution to one problem grew and expanded into realms of connectivity and interaction that futurists could dream. Writers and researchers forecasted the change in learning dynamics: the shift from the teacher to the student. Once connectivity between peers became possible, anyone could find information publicly shared. Students could ask questions and get immediate answers from credible sources. Teachers also found themselves in a new role where creating unique and engaging learning content became a necessary skill, as did the use of automated-cloud-based learning tools such as an LMS (Learning Management System). Although automation and an LMS do a great job of creating courses and taking care of the admin, not everyone has the budget to develop their school or has the skill to create engaging online courses and teach easily online.

Teach Easily Online

How Do You Teach Online With Cloud Sharing?

There are a few things you need to consider. Are you going to use a book? Will you share handouts? Do you need to see each other on video and share a whiteboard? Do you need to send reading, listening, speaking, and writing materials? The aspects listed above are part of a classic classroom structure with no automation, no online course development, and they are virtually free.

What tools do you need to teach online?


A book is a great way to have a tested and structure layout of the learning journey. You and the student can have the same book (online or offline) and effortlessly follow the class. Some companies like Pearson license e-books that have interactive exercises and autocorrection. Other teachers also share books or content they have developed. Join the right communities, and you can have access to PDFs and PowerPoints with material and exercises already prepared for free.

Cloud Sharing

Some teachers do not even need a book. They prefer to adapt to the student’s needs and go with the flow of the class. Does your student need to work on their math theory or art history? Send them the relevant content instantly with cloud sharing platforms like Blomp. What makes Blomp particularly remarkable is that you can share up to 200GB in one transfer. That means you can send heavy files such as videos, listening activities, and even activities you have made for the student on PowerPoint presentations. Now that smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are more accessible to everyone, students can download content from anywhere with good reception and internet connection.


Writing on a board to introduce a topic, new words, concepts, or correct the student is essential for teachers. There are numerous free cloud-based whiteboards available online. Have a look through a few of them to see what it is you need. Do you need a video-conferencing tool so that both teacher and student can see each other? Or is the central goal ease of use?

Save Costs with Data Sharing Platforms

Cloud sharing tools such as Blomp have reduced the cost of education for the students and the teachers. Teachers no longer need to pay for materials as they can create and share their own. They no longer need a classroom and can give classes online from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they feel suitable as a work environment. Students, enrolled or not, can educate themselves for free with online courses from the most renowned organizations. They save on travel, learning materials, and administration costs. Like teachers, students can be based anywhere in the world and learn.