Cloud storage is a bit of a buzzword these days, but do you know what it means? If not, here are 6 secrets that you should know about cloud storage before making the switch to the cloud.

The 6 Secrets You Should Know About Cloud Storage

1. Locked In

At first, it may seem like an easy alternative to store your data, and it is. However, the cloud computing world can be sticky. Even though the data or services that you create in the cloud are portable, it may take up a lot of time to move everything from one cloud to another. The cloud is different than the physical storage devices, taking up weeks or even months to transfer every bit of data.

2. Performance

Cloud storage does not exactly have the best performance. Although being one of the most advanced data storage techniques, accessing the cloud servers can sometimes be difficult. If you have your website on a cloud server that gives you a lot of downtimes, it can cause great harm to your company’s reputation and results in losing your valuable customers. However, cloud servers like Blomp provide you with the best services and very little downtime with great performance.

3. Remote Access

There is a lot more than just storing data when using cloud computing. This advancement has eased our way of work so much that you can easily access your data from anywhere in the world. Moreover, apart from accessing, you can connect your phone or laptop to any printer and use your cloud to print any document that you want from anywhere in the world.

4. Updates

We always want the most innovative, improved, and easy-to-use interface. However, in the cloud computing business, several customers do not accept these changes as sometimes it is difficult for them to understand them. On the other hand, a slight change means there are many issues, such as security, that are not resolved properly. This makes every user unhappy.

5. Premium

Many cloud companies offer limited free storage space for trial purposes. Once that storage is consumed you are asked to pay a monthly or yearly fee for a premium account with more storage and extra features. Different companies provide cheaper packages with good services, while many provide expensive rates with minimum features.

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6. It’s Not Just for Businesses like Yours

Gamers are often wary of cloud providers because they assume that their gaming data is best stored on their personal computer or console device. While there are certainly many legitimate reasons to keep your Steam library in your possession, there are also plenty of instances where storage in the cloud is an ideal solution.

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