AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform for vendors, individuals, or companies to host new or SaaS-based applications, but do you know all the things which can go wrong? A few people think that AWS cloud is more convenient for cloud storage. But remember that if you are one of the bigger sharks, you need extensive cloud storage, which means you have to spend a hefty amount of money every month on it.

Similar is the story of a client who worked with Maxim Topolov. The story would intrigue you because it is about a mystery developer who claims to reduce the 90% cost of AWS for a SaaS company.

A Trick Developers Try with AWS Cloud

The company worked in the industrial market and provided valuable predictions using third-party applications. However, the AI model is quite expensive, costing them 100k$ monthly for cloud storage.

Topolov wrote that the developer was so sure that he could do this that he gave an undeniable offer to the IT director of that company that he would do this task for only 50k$, and in case he failed to do his job, he would take no payment at all.

The offer was a fair chance for the new IT director, who desperately wanted to impress the board of directors. The developer bought one million Google accounts on the darknet. He stopped uploading on the company’s cloud and instead used one of the fake accounts and shut it down after completing his work.

When Things Started To Go Down

Eventually, as promised, the cost was reduced to 90%, and the developer got his $50k and vanished from the scene. Since no one was checking his codes and the IT director didn’t pay much attention, the developer wasn’t accountable to anyone.

After some time, when the GCP free-tier account didn’t work, data was sent to the old AWS cloud account. The cost went sky high to around 120k$ a month.

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