If you want to buy some clothes or shoes, or even window-shop for them, you know where to go – the mall. If you feel hungry and down for some burgers, you also know the place to be. However, what do you do if you want to browse or purchase software applications or developer services? Where do you go and who do you ask for help? Are you one of the curious creatures trying to find the answer to this question? Blomp heard your thoughts (yes, we can read minds, no not really) and is about to answer you. Our answer is simple, the cloud marketplace.

Let’s go More Into The Cloud Marketplace!

The cloud marketplace is a marketplace (I mean, obviously), a platform, an online storefront for software and application, where customer needs are set to be satisfied. First of all, it is important to know that the cloud marketplace is operated by a cloud service provider. Second, cloud marketplace is where customers who are looking for various offers on different levels of software go. It offers its services to all types of customers.

Cloud marketplace has proved its importance, especially after the majority of businesses became more active on digital technology platforms. Turning to cloud has impeccable benefits for the companies, which is why you’ll find more and more people turning towards to it. Since more and more are trusting clouds, the cloud marketplace is advancing.

Now that we have explained what a cloud marketplace is, what does it do? How does it help the customers browsing it?

From providing the customers access to useful software applications and beneficial services, it provides the customers with a smooth integration process. What’s better than that?

Let me answer you, and yes, it does get even better. Businesses and organizations have their own.

There are a few examples of cloud marketplaces such as:

  • Microsoft windows Azure Marketplace: This marketplace is for customers who want to buy and sell software, applications and services. These products and services can come from 2 different places, either from, obviously, Microsoft or its partners.
  • Amazon’s AWS Marketplace: Similar to the first example, this marketplace is for customers searching for software that can run in the amazon elastic compute cloud also known as EC2.
  • Google cloud platform: this platform not only protects your data and customers from spams and fraudulent activities, but also is free to some extent. GCP is known to be a place for testing, building and managing your applications. With everything being cloud based, you do not have to worry about any hardware costs.