Cloud storage has been the go-to way to store your files, photos, music, and pretty much every little digital knickknack you can think of for some time now. In our personal and professional lives,  services like Blomp are easily the simplest, most efficient, and safest way to keep your digital stuff safe. Plus, they are just so darn convenient.

Over the last year or so, cloud storage and cloud computing generally has become even more important (hard to imagine, we know). As companies across the globe moved to more flexible, remote working arrangements in response to the pandemic, and teams (and families) became more dispersed, being able to store and access things online became a necessity. Collaborating across continents, sharing photos with your family, or just saving documents somewhere when your laptop hard drive ran out of space, we are all living in a world dominated by it now.

Cloud storage

And yet…

For some reason, it remains a little underappreciated. Despite its obvious benefits, there are still people who don’t quite get how cool and useful a service like Blomp really is. So we thought we’d investigate the reasons why and try to debunk any lingering myths about the awesomeness of cloud storage.

People take cloud storage for granted

Most people already use it in some form or other, in either their personal or professional lives or most likely both! Things like Google Drive and iCloud can make people complacent about the joys of cloud storage, and now just expect the benefits to be available, always. But these services are minimal (at least without paying premium prices!) and don’t allow you to take advantage of the full potential.

People don’t understand the full potential

Plenty of people just see it as somewhere to store files that isn’t a hard disk or USB. Sure, it’s helpful not having to carry something physical around, but that’s about it. But cloud storage opens up so many more possibilities, from remote working to reliable data protection. You can do so much more in the cloud; you just need to get involved.

People haven’t been able to take advantage of it yet

Of course, not everyone has had the chance to experience the full benefits. If that’s you, and you want to know what all the fuss is about, why not get in touch with us and let us show you that when it comes to cloud storage, the sky is the limit!