Why choose file sharing and cloud storage?
It is about time you allow yourself to ease into saving and sharing your files in a safe and secure location without having to carry flash drives. Cloud storage allows you to save everything and sync it all together in almost an unlimited storage space which you can access and use at your ease! After all, who wouldn’t like the ease of saving and accessing all kinds of files in just a matter of seconds? We also have you covered with these top 5 file sharing and cloud storage services you can use for yourself!

5 file Sharing And Cloud Storage Services

ᗷlomp: Free Cloud Storage For Photo, Video & More!

1. Blomp

When you have 12 million files, more than a 100 thousand users and over a million access points, how can it not be the best cloud storage service you can get? This can be downloaded for absolutely free on just about any device, Windows, Mac, Linux all for free! You even have a free download on iPhone and Android. Blomp provides free 20GB storage space, with options to get up to 10TB of storage! Share those files and fill your cloud to the brim with Blomp!

ᗷlomp: Free Cloud Storage For Photo, Video & More!

2. Dropbox

A platform which is easy to use and has no data limit! The storage varies starting from 2GB to unlimited storage space, clearly more than you need! Dropbox is supported by many devices so it allows you easy access to your storage. Privacy and security of the customers is important so don’t worry, with Dropbox you can feel safe with all your pictures and files.

ᗷlomp: Free Cloud Storage For Photo, Video & More!

3. iCloud

Any individual with an iPhone already knows about this cloud storage. Just some more good news, every apple device has this service! There are over 850 million users of this cloud service with great storage prices that will help you save your music, files, documents, pictures, etc. There’s no reason why iPhone users won’t use iCloud.  However, as soon as you need anything above the smallest amount of space, Apple wants to charge you for it.  Not cool when you can get it for free elsewhere.

4. Google Drive

Cloud storage is so important even google had to develop its own cloud services! Google drive can be synced and accessed with any device. It is a very easy to use cloud service, no one likes hassles anyways. Google drive allows you to store any kind of file. Mobile or desktop, there will be an app for you in either one! Google drive also provides 15GB free storage space, so what are we waiting for?

ᗷlomp: Free Cloud Storage For Photo, Video & More!

5. Microsoft One Drive

This is a specially designed platform for Microsoft users to save every kind of Microsoft document quickly and easily. Pretty much every one of us uses Microsoft, so this may be one application you should consider getting to save your storage space and have easy access to your work. Microsoft can be found on Windows, Apple and Android devices. You also get 5GB free storage space!

Well, if cloud storage was a living being, it would probably be a superhero saving our space and providing us all our needed files without us even asking! Loved our list about 5 file Sharing And Cloud Storage Services? Maybe today is finally the day to try out some cloud storage for yourself too?