Cloud Storage is a convenient and suitable substitute for the storage of your important files, photos, and documents in a safe space. It is easily accessible through digital gadgets and it’s highly affordable. Here are some key reasons why you need cloud storage:

 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Storage

1. The inconstancy of flash drives

Flash drives, though they have been a popular way to store data in the past, have their own reservations. Even though they are portable and easy to carry, they have a high chance to get misplaced by the user. There are also technical glitches associated with its usage. They range from your computers not being able to detect your USB devices to a virus taking over your system and consequently, infecting your data.

2. User friendly and convenient accessibility

If you are opting for a cloud storage provider like Blomp, the good news is that it is really user-friendly and you do not need to have the technical expertise to use it. All your data can be stored with a simple click. To make matters even better, your stored data will be accessible to you at all times.  Doesn’t matter where you are or the gadget you are using.  All you need is a decent internet connection.

3. Increased security

Generally, people are a bit reluctant when it comes to trusting the internet with their data. However, cloud storage actually ensures increased security with several data backups. Whichever storage vendor you choose, it will provide you with multiple functional data centers. A place where all your information will be kept securely under constant surveillance.

4. Affordability

Most cloud storage services are way more affordable than buying a hard drive with the same amount of available storage. Not to mention that hard drives have to be bought over and over again if you lose it yourself or have to replace it due to a virus.  Cloud storage charges are usually minimal, allowing you to be able to save useful information for lifetime. Some popular storage vendors even allow us to store some data for free, for example Dropbox permits using 2GB of storage and Blomp provides 20-200GBs without any charges.

5. Synchronization

The sync feature of storing data online has been a game changer for all storage vendors as you no longer need to spend time copying data from your home computer to your office desktop. All you need to do is sync any device you want to access the data on using the required information and have your files and documents readily accessible to you at all times.

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