Cloud storage has been in our lives for some time now, so its features are no surprise to some. However, there are many yet who are unaware of what it can really do for you. We all know that cloud storage offers number of different capabilities for its customers, which is why many big organizations have adopted it into their daily life. Its reliability, efficiency and security has attracted the eye of many, so you get why it is a big deal.

From managing documents and files to keeping the information as safe as possible, it can be used for multiple reasons. We are not talking only about making your office completely paperless but advancing your business in many many different ways. Sounds interesting? Good! That means you have come to the right place.

Cloud Storage Capabilities:

1- Customizing your cloud storage.

Customizing your cloud storage.

Different businesses have different needs, and to customize your resources according to them is important. One of the greatest advantages is the ability to customize the type of storage you need. From the type of the storage to the access levels, it is all in the palm of your hands to customize it. Whether used for personal reasons or for business, our files and folders do need modifications. This reason alone is why it is counted as a beneficial necessity.

2- Backing up your data.  

Data Back up

One of the main reasons why people use cloud storage is for guarantee; a guarantee that their files will be safe forever. That being said, cloud storage has the capability to back up your information to fight unexpected events. In addition, it is important to mention that cloud storage backups can also be done automatically. You never know when disaster might strike, which is why cloud storage has the feature of automatic backing up. Let’s talk a bit about that!

  • Automatic back ups

The reason why automatic backups are considered extremely important is simple… we are human. (What does that have to do with automatic backups?) In our daily lives, we tend to focus on many things at once. We have our jobs, our responsibilities, errands to do, and many more. You can see where and how we tend to forget things along the way, and one of the things that fall into that list is manually backing up our information. That’s when automatic backs up come in! Once that feature is configured, you no longer have to think about backing up manually.  

  • Open file back ups

Don’t you hate it when you are working on something, and boom! Something happens and your device just turns off. This could be due to power outages, accidents, or device malfunctions. What will happen to that document? Will I lose everything? Am I going to start working on them from the beginning? – These are thoughts we all have had before and if you are not one of them, lucky you!
However, if you are, well, cloud storage has a solution for you, and it’s known as “open file backups”. This ensures that even your open documents are backed up if anything accidental happens.

3- Sharing your files.

Data sharing

File sharing, especially in the year 2021, has become a popular concept. Remote workers, thanks to cloud storage, have the ability to share their files with others through the availability of internet. No matter where you are located, you can share and receive files from anyone as long as you have these two things:

  • A device with internet
  • An access to that account/link

There are many more capabilities that we can talk about, in fact cloud storage can elevate your business through many more ways. If you are interested, all you have to do is visit Blomp’s blogs and you’re halfway through!