So, you have tons of files to save. Vacation pictures, videos from kids’ birthdays, documents from work. But there are so many places to keep them—where do you start? Here, we’ll show you why Blomp is the clear choice for your cloud storage.

1. Blomp is Affordable

For up to 200gb of cloud storage, Blomp is totally free. Wow! No more worrying about paying for a subscription when you’re just trying to have somewhere to put those photos from your friend’s wedding. But if you need a bit more than that, Blomp has other plans available for you, with the highest tier being $10 a month for 10 TB of storage. All that for the price of a couple coffee orders? It’s a no-brainer. Plus, for each active invited user, you get an additional 20GB of storage, all the way up to 200GB.

2. Blomp is Easy

Other file storage sites are unnecessarily complicated. Not Blomp! Whether you use Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, or Android, Blomp is available. If you’re a free user, you only need to be active monthly, and as a paid one you don’t even need to do that. Sounds manageable, right? But if you do need help or have a question, you just need to head to Blomp Support Forums and post a message.

3. Blomp is Never Going Away

Unlike other sites, Blomp is one you will always be able to rely on. Perhaps you heard about veteran hosting site Zippyshare shutting down after seventeen years, and now you have some qualms. Never fear! Blomp is accessible no matter where you are (whereas Zippyshare blocked users throughout Europe) and has the resources to live on for many years to come. Unlike older sites, Blomp can grow with the times rather than fall with them. Blomp’s cloud backup also assures that you will always have access to your photos and videos.  

Ready to become one of the hundred thousand users already enjoying Blomp? Get started here today, and see for yourself why it’s the best place to store files online!