Why Cloud Storage Is the Future

In the past, files may have been small and its content unimportant.  However, the files of today are larger and have grown to paramount importance.  In this modern-day age, your data is the most valuable thing. Overtaking almost every sort of asset you own and having top priority, it is true that your data holds significant value with ever-increasing file sizes and data complexity.  It is almost impossible to have a determinant amount of storage to store all of your important data. That is without having a fear of losing it and that is where cloud storage comes into play.

Types of Cloud Storage

Public Facing Cloud Storage:

This is probably the most used sort of free storage.  It provides free cloud backup. In addition, it provides the user with options such as free file storage, free photo storage, and video storage options. Utilizing the freedom of cloud storage, you can save photos to the cloud of moments that are cherished by you, without ever having a fear of running out of storage and missing out on anything. However, it has some caveats as the data storage amount is limited, your free online photo storage and free video storage are connected to a comparatively slower server.  It is also the easiest to hack and most often, is the platform that is most compromised.  Most large storage companies like Amazon uses this type of cloud storage.  Their customers gamble with their data hoping that their prized information is never hacked.

Private Cloud Storage:

This type of storage is typically paid for. It provides all the benefits of free cloud storage, such as cloud video storage and cloud photo storage.  Since it is private, it is more secure.  A hacker would have to get through a secure, monitored gateway just to access the servers. If a hacker gets past the gateway, they then could try to hack the individual servers (which are also monitored).  Typically, they cannot get past the first gateway, but if they do, they are quickly detected before they can get past the second layer.  If your data is precious to you, then private cloud is the way that must be considered.  If you don’t mind sharing your data with the world, then use the public facing cloud services.

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