There are tons of factors to be considered about when you start searching for the best cloud storage for your photos and videos, such as:


  • How much space will you be needing?
  • What kind of file formats will you be storing?
  • Will your images be available for public viewing or restricted?
  • Are you searching for a free service, or do you want to spend a monthly / yearly fee to get the cloud storage services you need?


Online image hosting is the perfect way to go, whether you are shooting loads of images on a high-resolution DSLR or if you want a safe and secure image storage platform for your business.

Physical hard drives might be great, but they cost a lot and are can be exposed to physical or software dangers. Alongside, if you keep loads of images on your computer, it can slow your device down by filling up the hard drive.

Whereas, cloud storage can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time, and save your images from physical and online threats.

Many online image hosting services can provide you with easy organization of your images, with features like grouping, creating albums, and social media integration.

Reliable online storage and backup service providers like Blomp let you back up your photos and videos to the cloud from iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and your camera.

With the camera upload feature, your phone or any other device will automatically add your camera roll’s photos to Blomp.

You can turn on your computer backup, so you can continuously sync your photos and videos in key folders on your Mac or PC to your account.

You can easily keep your photos in the right hands by adding password protection, expiration dates, and sign-in requirements. Furthermore, you can save space on your hard drive by marking photo and video files and folders on cloud storage providers like Blomp.

It is pretty simple to store your photos in cloud storage, and it is easy to get to your image and video files once they get backed up across all your devices.  Give Blomp a try today.