Are you stepping into the world of content creation and thought video editing would be a good idea? Here is a fact for you. The video editing market is supposed to grow up to 932.7 million dollars by 2025. It means you will be getting a lot of competition.

So, if you are starting your blog with videos, come along. Here are the three most important tips for editing videos.

●    Duration of Video

The duration of your video is the first thing that decides whether people are going to watch it or not. People usually don’t play videos that are longer than 3 minutes. Also, all social media platforms have different requirements.

The right approach to deciding the duration of the video is to research your target audience. However, keep your video duration around two minutes if you want to opt for a generic approach.

●    Size of Video

The size of your video is crucial both in terms of the quality and speed of the video. The loading speed of the video is determined by the bit rate of the video creation software. The bit rate determines the quality of your video. The higher the bit rate, the more your video colors are enriched.

However, a higher bit rate means the video will take longer to load. Loading speed is a crucial factor in ranking your video. A higher bit rate might de-rank your video.

Make sure you balance both efficiently.

●    Quality of Video

Though many editors take care of their video quality, what distorts it is storage options. Don’t reduce the quality of the video to store it. Many people decrease the bit rate of the video because they don’t have enough storage on their devices.

If you are facing a similar problem, use cloud storage on your phone.

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