Have you also experienced that mini heart attack seeing unexpected cloud bills high enough to blow your wallets? It happens when there are a lot of mismanaged resources and undetected spikes working at the back end without coming to your notice. Here are 5 best practices for cloud cost optimization so you can manage your cloud bills and use the resources more effectively.

Identify the Idle Resources

The most convenient way to optimize your cloud’s ever-increasing bills is to pinpoint and consolidate the insignificant resources. These resources work as an imposter at the back end.

For example, you might be paying a 100% bill for computing instances with only 5% CPU utilization. Identify and consolidate such computing jobs to bring the best value out of them.

Find Unused Resources

Finding unattached or unutilized resources help you to reduce your bills to a great extent. Most of the time, an administrator forgets to turn off the temporary servers or redundant storage spaces. As a result, organizations must pay for resources they no longer use. You just need to identify and remove those unattached resources to cut off the extra costs on your bills. Make sure you clean up your cloud storage regularly to get the most out of it.

Right-Sizing the Resources

Right-sizing is about evaluating the computing services and then facilitating them to the most efficient size. Sizing the instances can be a super challenging process when you have millions of possible combinations in front of you. However, there are multiple tools in the market to help you achieve accurate sizing changes.

Take Help from Heat Maps

Heat maps are the visual representation of all the services you are using at a particular time. It allows you to spot when and where the cloud is heavily used and when it is underutilized. This information will help determine if you can shut off any less important services for a particular time to cut off extra costs without interrupting the essential services.

Minimize Software License Cost

Software license cost is one of the major components behind the ever-increasing cloud costs. Manually paying for license management can cost you extra wages for unused software licenses. You can opt for various tracking tools to identify idle or unnecessary licenses and reduce costs.

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