Whether you are a professional videographer or someone who just loves to capture the moments with their phone camera, you need a lot of storage space. You need space for the raw files and edited versions. Especially if it’s your profession, you will probably need to keep multiple copies and have a video backup. 

Cloud offers the best solution for all our online storage needs. Cloud technology has revolutionized how we store and manage our data. Data shows in another two years, the total amount of data stored in the cloud will reach 100 zettabytes.  

Many cloud storage services are out there in the market, and they come with several attractive features. Here we discuss the 5 key features that your cloud storage must have if you plan to store your video files.       

Unlimited file size

Video files are larger than the other document types. Depending on the video’s length and quality, the size can be significantly larger. Some cloud storage service providers put an upper limit on file sizes. It will not work when you use the service for storing and backing up video files. Instead, choose cloud storage with no cap on the individual file size.   

Ample free storage space

Since the video files are larger, you will need a lot of storage space to back up your files. Get a cloud storage that offers a generous amount of storage space. If you keep backing up your video files in the cloud account, eventually you will have to buy more space. You can minimize the spending on cloud services by choosing a service provider that offers more cloud storage space for free. You may also consider using multiple cloud storage services to bring down the cost. 

Fast upload and download speed

It can be frustrating if your video files take ages to be transferred from your device to the cloud and vice versa. It will also affect the workflow. Thus, it is important to have a fast and efficient method of uploading and downloading videos to and from the cloud. Choose a cloud service that offers faster upload and download speed.

Cross-platform support

Make sure you can access the files from any device. The cloud platform must be compatible across operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux. It should also have a mobile app for iPhone and Android. Even if you are a loyal Apple user, it is better not to go for a cloud storage service exclusively available on iPhone or Mac. 

If in the future you decide to switch the platform, migrating all the files to a new cloud might be challenging. If you fail to do it right, you may also lose data.

Easy sharing option

The cloud platform should allow you to share video files easily without downloading them on your device. There is no point if you have to download the files and send them via another service. Also, you should be able to share it with people who do not use the platform. After all, you cannot request everyone to open an account on the platform of your choice.  Blomp offers up to 200 GB of free cloud space. It offers crazy upload and download speed, an easy sharing option, and lets you upload files in any video file format. There is no limit on the file size you can upload to your Blomp account. Blomp can be accessed through any operating system, and the Blomp app is available for Android smartphones and iPhones. Blomp also allows you to create online albums for photos and videos exactly how you want.