The size of the personal cloud market is projected to reach $161.39 billion by 2027. We are increasingly becoming dependent on cloud services for our digital storage needs. A recent survey conducted by Goodfirms shows the majority of the respondents use the cloud as their primary data storage. It also suggests that more than half of people use 3 different storage services. 

When we began using cloud storage, we didn’t have to think about the price. Thus, most of us instinctively chose the big names in the market, such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Apple iCloud, and others. However, things have changed, and our free storage has filled up fast. For most of us, the free storage has either been exhausted or is on the verge of getting full. 

Free cloud storage

It’s time we choose our personal cloud storage service carefully, considering all the critical aspects, including security and cost optimization. The standard free storage for most cloud services stands between 10 GB and 15 GB. We already know this space is not enough and can get filled up quickly, no matter how hard we try. 

Here, we list 3 cloud service providers that offer considerably more storage space to their users for free. While making this list, we only considered well-reputed providers that offer secure and end-to-end encrypted cloud storage services. These are legit services trusted by millions of users around the world.


Degoo offers 100 GB of cloud space for free. Users can increase the free space up to 500 GB through referral bonuses. They can get 5 GB of free space for each friend joined.

However, Degoo’s free plan comes with some limitations. It allows you to only upload from five devices. Also, it doesn’t support zero-knowledge encryption. Moreover, ads pop up every now and then as the service is supported by advertisements.


Blomp is a US-based cloud service provider offering up to 200 GB of cloud storage space for free. You get 20 GB of storage as soon as you sign up. You can increase this space by inviting friends. 20 GB of storage adds up every time a friend joins.

Blomp is absolutely safe. It doesn’t sell your information or scan your data. However, the only catch is you have to log in at least once a month to keep your account active. Failing to do so will lead to account removal. 


Next on our list is MEGA. It offers 20 GB of free storage space. Users can increase the storage by completing some simple actions, including installing the MEGA app and verifying their mobile numbers. 5 GB space is offered for completing each achievement. Additionally, one can get 5GB per referral. 

Besides cloud storage, MEGA also supports secure communications through chat, audio, and video calls.

Free services usually come with restrictions. Here, we have picked the three most generous cloud storage with minimal limitations. Visit their respective sites to learn more about their services and choose the one that best suits your need.