Small Businesses using Cloud Storage

Traditional hard drive storage is fast becoming yesterday’s news. Nearly 85% of businesses around the world use cloud storage in some form these days. And, its popularity is only going to increase.
If your business hasn’t reached for the cloud until now, maybe it is time to consider it. Cloud storage services like Blomp can make a vast difference for small businesses and can be the difference between mediocrity and staggering success and growth.

If you are thinking about joining us in the cloud but still have a few queries or concerns, do not worry. Here are four reasons why small businesses should use cloud storage.

Everywhere Access

With traditional storage, you have to be connected to your network and physically near your hard drive in order to access your files. With the cloud, you can access everything from everywhere! This opens up almost limitless possibilities, allowing unprecedented flexibility, and enabling your business to become truly global. Hire the best people from around the world and collaborate effectively without missing a beat with cloud storage.


Cloud storage makes file-sharing easy. In addition, it gives you incredible control over the level of access you provide to your employees and external stakeholders. You can share your files easily over the internet at the click of a button. But you can also make sure that only certain users and teams have access to certain files with privacy settings. This means that you don’t need to worry about sharing sensitive information.


With traditional storage solutions, the only way to move files was to copy them to the new device. Therefore, slowing down work and disrupting processes while you wait for the loading bar to charge. With the cloud, automatic synchronization reduces delays and speeds up processes to a staggering degree. This makes everything else work more productively too.

Security and Safety

Cloud service providers are intense about cybersecurity. It is likely that the protocols and security measures around your data in the cloud will dwarf anything your business can provide. Cloud storage removes a lot of the potential for human error and strong encryption and firewalls will keep everything safe from hackers. As an added bonus, with your files in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about disaster or accidental damage, as everything is automatically backed up and totally safe from harm.

To find out more about what cloud storage can do for your small business, check out what’s happening at Blomp and get in touch today!