Do you want to learn how to use your cloud storage like a pro? We’ll get into it right… now!

Cloud storage has made a whole load of things so much easier. From collaborating on creative projects to storing films, music, and video, cloud storage has been a revelation for business and personal users. Gone are the days when if you wanted to get anything serious done you had to rely on unwieldy external hard drives or hard-to-keep-track-of USB drives. Nowadays all you need is a web connection. All your files and information are available at the touch of a button.

But there is a difference between using cloud storage and optimizing your cloud storage use. Here are a few tips to take your cloud storage to the next level. Let’s make the most out of this powerful technology.

Use two-factor authentication

Cloud storage is super-secure, but it is always worth adding extra layers of security when it comes to protecting your data. Two-factor authentication ensures that even if your log-in credentials are leaked or hacked, bad actors will have a second barrier to breach. 2FA is particularly useful as it usually involves a physical security element such as a code sent to a mobile phone.

Integrate your clouds

We don’t know why you’d ever need anyone else except for Blomp, but plenty of users do have multiple clouds. Integrating your various cloud accounts means that you can manage them all from one place. You can also find information and files more easily, and transfer data from cloud to cloud quickly and simply.

Use Cloud Storage Like A Pro

Organize your folders

While it might be boring, organizing your cloud storage folders is vital if you want to use your storage service most effectively. It is all too easy to just upload everything to a general folder and use the search function. However, properly administered folders with accurate metadata will unlock the power of the cloud. Therefore, it allows you to take full advantage.


Encrypt your data

Just in case someone gets past all the security measures, why not consider encrypting your data? Many cloud storage service providers do this automatically and it makes your files even more secure. Encrypted files can only be accessed, used, or understood if they have been decoded. So, if you are storing sensitive or confidential data then this is a must.

If you are interested in making the most of your storage options, take a look at what Blomp has to offer and get started on your cloud journey today!