Videos have been popular on the internet for years, from clips of cats on YouTube to dancers on TikTok. But how do they get so huge? There are many unique subjects for video editing. After all, as of 2022, YouTube’s most viewed video is Baby Shark. Think you can do better? Read on to see how you can become the next influencer with your unique uploads!

Film Your Friends

You know how every group of friends has said they should have their own TV show? Prove you’re right by capturing the funniest moments with your squad on camera, and then editing it to look like a sitcom! Maybe your bestie cracks the best jokes unprompted, or your guy friend sings along to showtunes in the car. With a little bit of practice on your video editing software, the simplest moments can be shared online and go viral.

People-watch for Video Editing Purposes

Ever noticed how the craziest moments are always seemingly random ones on the street? Think about all the videos of Mariachi bands on the Subway, or kids asking questions that are way too real. With the subject’s consent, of course, you can post, edit, and upload a moment that has to be seen to be believed.

Follow Your Pets

Okay, maybe it’s not the most unique idea on the list, but let’s be real—pet videos are always in style. Perhaps your puppy snores like an old man while she sleeps, or your cat steals pizza straight out of the box. Whatever they do that makes you smile is sure to make your viewers grin, too. And then with your video editing software of choice, you can add music, slow motion, or color—whatever catches the eye.

Ready to start making videos? Blomp has up to 200 GB of free space for you to utilize, and it’s easy to share your masterpieces. Also, don’t forget to read “3 Tips You Should Keep in Mind while Video Editing” once you have your footage! once you have your footage!