When you’re on the go, you want to make sure you can still access your important work files anytime you need. In recent years, many people have switched from working in an office to remote work so they can live a digital nomad lifestyle. Every remote worker or freelancer needs a reliable cloud storage tool for all of their essential files.

Blomp offers free and affordable cloud storage plans that are great for remote workers. Here’s why cloud storage is the way to go when it comes to backing up your work files.


It works on many devices.

When you’re on the go, you never know which devices you’re going to have access to at any given time. You might have your personal computer, or you might need to work on a mobile device. There also might be times when you don’t have your personal devices, but would like to access your files on someone else’s device. Blomp is very easy to download, and is compatible with many different devices.

It’s affordable.

One of the best things about cloud storage is that it’s incredibly affordable or even free. This means you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on an expensive subscription plan. Since many remote workers are also freelancers, cost is a very important concern. It’s also much more affordable and convenient than buying extra physical storage space for your computer, which you would need to carry around with you.

If you run a company with remote employees, cloud storage can also help you cut back on costs for your business. Blomp’s cloud storage is safe and secure, so you can use it to store your company’s most important files. This means you won’t necessarily have to purchase secure devices for your workers – as long as they have a personal device and a secure internet connection, they’ll be able to access it.

It’s easy to collaborate.

When you work remotely, you need to find easy ways to collaborate with your team members. With cloud storage, you can share an account with your team members and work on the same files together. This means you can be productive as a team, no matter where you are in the world.

More people are familiar with remote work now than ever. Blomp is a great way to stay productive and connected to your team no matter where you are.