Zippyshare is a famous file-sharing website that was first launched in 2006. Over time, the website became famous because of the provision of free services. As the website became popular, it kept introducing new updates that contributed to its popularity.

Everything was good until early March this year; the website announced something for the first time in the last five years. They said they were shutting down the website.

The famous file-sharing platform that receives 43.6 million visits per month was suddenly shutting down. All users were given the time of two weeks to back up all their important data.

Why was Zippyshare Shut Down?

The reason given by the platform was that the project was no longer profitable for them. The primary reason why they couldn’t make enough profit was that the users were blocking ads, which was the primary source of the platform’s income, considering they offer free file-sharing.

With the increasing electricity and maintenance costs, their profit was not enough to run the project. According to Zippyshare, they also had a few other reasons for shutting down the service. However, they thought nobody would be interested in reading them, so they simply said:

“To sum it up, we can no longer afford to maintain the site.”

Another factor to consider here is that the website was also nominated for the list of “notorious markets” by the U.S. Trade Representative Office. It allegedly disturbed copyright-protected music content without a legal license. Some believe the expenses of legal proceedings for dealing with copyright infringement and threats related to the issue might have led to the platform’s shutdown. However, we cannot verify the statement as the platform was no longer on that list at the time of shutdown.

What to Expect for the Future?

Considering a giant file-sharing platform suddenly closed, many users are doubtful about who they should trust. Handing over your data to a platform means you are not only trusting them to keep your data secure but also expecting reliability.

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