Let’s imagine a scenario together. You have to get your work done by tonight, but for some reason you can’t locate that one very important file you need to finish the job. You start searching for it, but all you see is family photos, some random files from 5 years ago and a few work documents here and there. Sounds frustrating right? You can fix this by just simply taking the extra step to organize your cloud storage.

Some of the steps to organize your storage are:

1. Create folders.

Creating folders is one of the easiest things to do, and almost every cloud storage service gives you permission to create them. Just create a folder for different types of subjects. Separate your family vacation photos from your business so that you’ll know where each of them is stored. Not only will this step make your life easier, but also it will save you some time.

2. Name your folders.

After a folder is created, you can name them accordingly instead of using their boring default name. Naming the files can reduce your searching time by a lot more than you can think. Keep in mind, you don’t have to give them a long and detailed name. Just make sure they are descriptive for easy identification.

3. Create Subfolders

Now that your main section folders look organized and relaxing, take a look inside of each of these files. They can be catastrophic too. Don’t be afraid to create subfolders and declutter the insides too. Repeat the same steps you used to create and name the main folders for the subfolders. You might think this is an unimportant step, but trust me, it can make both your work life and personal life ten times better.

4. Back up your files

Now, I’m sure you don’t want to lose your files to a flood or a fire after all the time you took to take care and organize them! Back up your files constantly since many of your important memories and work files live there. This can be considered as your last and most important organizing step.

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